I'm not 'kid'ding, we really need the support.

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 Curious Goat Dog Treats!!!


It takes almost a gallon of fresh goat's milk to make a pound of creamy, nutritious chevre cheese.   The cheese is them formed into the shape of Kansas wild flowers and dehydrated.  The result?  A highly nutritious, probiotic packed, easily digestible dog treat made especially for Big Pile of Dog Shirts customers.


Curious Goat Dog & Cat Treats are 100% pure goats cheese.  They are gluten free, hormone free, and preservative free.  They are packed with nutrition and are an all-natural digestive aid.  Even dogs that are lactose intolerant can benefit from the treats.


PLUS!  Dogs go absolutely crazy for them.


About the Goats:  My milking ladies are and loved up at least twice a day. When they aren't browsing in their 5 acre pasture or eating grain and hay, they are all sleeping on old Kurunda beds in the barn.  They have an Anatolian Shepherd who looks after them and she eats a lot too. (see below)

They only get antibiotics when absolutely necessary (then we don't use their milk) and never get hormones or other yucky stuff.


I really hope you will try a bag of my treats and let me know what your dogs think!

Please help feed the goats!!

Curious Goat
Dog Treats

100% all natural goat cheese
$7.50 each



10% Goes to Rescue!
(Yes, we wholesale to retailers - call 316 250 2276)

Scout is the goat's guardian dog.  She is an Anatolian Shepherd and keeps them safe from harm.